The roots of H&S Tee-Gesellschaft date back to the year 1948, when Mrs Sauter started the production of tea filter bags packed by hand.

Very soon the first mechanical devices were built to facilitate the manual procedure. From that time on the expansion and modernisation of the tea-packing factory always went hand in hand with the developments in the machinery division.

During the first years, small fully automatic Tea-Bag Machines were constructed, which soon, not only served in HST, but at tea packers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well.

The PT 10, a machine for single-chamber flat bags, was the first machine produced in large numbers and sold world-wide. It was followed by its successor, the PT 20 in 1972. This was a machine for the advanced tea market producing double-chamber tea bags with a hard tag. Thereafter PT 21, PT 25 and the PT 33 machines were introduced.

Today, HST is well prepared to play an active part in the world of tea packing. The new assembly plant meets all modern criteria for a machinery builder. The PT Series has been constantly improved and our new model with the KNOTTING (video) Technology is introduced in the international market place.

In the last fifteen years, more than 50 Tea-Bagging Machines have been sold in Sri Lanka and there are over 100 PT Tea-Bagging Machines running in Companies in and around Colombo. We are proud to state that PT series machines have been the fastest selling brand new double chamber tea bagging machine in Sri Lanka.

The most popular machine within the Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka has been the PT 25 (video)


HST/PT Customers in Sri Lanka