Sollas SE40


Sollas packaging machines are well-known worldwide for their excellent packaging quality, at realistic prices. By continual innovation, together with the regular introduction of improved technology, we are able to maintain the high standards, demanded by our customers and by ourselves.

The Sollas SE40 was designed to be a high quality overwrapper at a limited investment, offering the opportunity to purchase an original Sollas machine without compromising on quality, flexibility and reliability.

With the SE40, Sollas focuses on a number of key industries. More particular, perfumes/ cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, tea/ coffee, confectionery and foods

The most important features of the Sollas SE40 in short;

Competitively priced

Highly reliable cam drive technology

One level product infeed and outfeed

Servo driven film feed

Siemens PLC control

Low priced change-parts

Change parts from earlier models (except M-series) are compatible

Trailing edge seal system

Quick change-over facilities

Flexible size-ranges

Easy operation and maintenance