Sollas SX50

Replacing the popular Sollas 20: the SX50

After 15 successful years, the time has come to find a successor for the popular Sollas 20 overwrapper. For this replacement we started from the reliable SX series, resulting in this new member of the SX family: the SX50.

The SX50 is designed for an output up to 50/min. Like the other machines of the SX range, it has a modular design, allowing for a variety of collating devices and infeed configurations. With this Sollas can offer multiple solutions, in response to the specific packaging challenge of the customer.

This makes the SX50 suitable for many different industries such as perfume/cosmetics, tea/coffee, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, digital media and food products.

Compared to the Sollas 20 the most important new features of the SX50 is the availability of the direct in line infeed and the possibility to get the individual product transport in the outfeed section.