Sollas FXS

A revolution in overwrapping

The Sollas FSX was designed in particular to meet the demand for highly efficient wrapping machines with a change-over time of less than 10 minutes.For this the automatic change-over package was developed.

Based on the product dimensions, stored in the PLC, the machine can perform a complete adjustment of all components with the push of a button. This means a reduction in down-time between product runs that is unsurpassed.

Furthermore it incorporates the latest in servo technology. All machine motions are driven by servo motors.

Sollas FSX in right angled, left hand design (HL)

The change parts have fixed positions, which means they lock in position and no further adjustment is required. The use of tools for mounting has been minimized. As an option a complete tool-less change-over package is available.

Its cycle speed places it in the range of 'medium' to 'fast' machines, with a maximum output of

100 wraps per minute.

Like all Sollas machines it is extremely flexible and suitable for handling both single products and bundles. The FSX can be combined with all existing accessories like teartape applicator, print mark registration, film slitter, etc.

Some key features of the Sollas FSX:

Fully servo driven, no cams

Automatic machine adjustment with servo motors on linear adjustments (optional)

Rapid change over, less than 10 minutes with the automatic adjustment feature

Fixed position change parts

Tool-less change-over (optional)

Large and flexible size range

Trailing edge seal system

Product data menu for storing all product settings

Servo motors adjust all components simultaneously

Individual Product Transfer device (IPT).

The overwrapping principle

Sollas machinery is used in a wide range of industries such as perfumes/cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stationery, cards, digital media, tea/coffee, confectionery and foods. Sollas machines are easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of product-sizes.

All Sollas machines can be equipped with a variety of infeed and outfeed systems (feeders, collators, turning, tilting). Integration is also possible with upstream and/ or downstream equipment like case-packing, cartoning, stacking, banding and personalising.