Sollas SX 60

Sollas packaging machinery is well-known worldwide for its excellent packaging quality. Continual innovation, together with the constant introduction of improved technology allows us to maintain the high standards demanded in the industry.

Because of their great flexibility, the Sollas overwrappers can be found in many different industries, such as perfumes/cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stationery, cards, digital-media, tea/ coffee, tobacco, confectionery and foods.

The Sollas SX-series is a revolutionary modular built automatic overwrapping machine. Servo drives provide full control over all machine motions and guarantee perfect product handling. Sollas uses servo systems from Siemens or Rockwell Automation.

The Sollas SX is extremely flexible and is easily adapted for a variety of products. Down times for a product change over are the shortest on the market for overwrapping machines. All adjustable units are provided with quick change devices.

In general, the machine was designed to require few product related change parts. The parts that are required, are easily exchanged and low priced. Sollas has made it a point that such parts should be produced with the shortest possible delivery time.

The Sollas SX60 can be provided with a folding section to handle products up to 96 mm, 125 mm or even 140 mm high. The SX80 can handle products up to 96 mm high. Both models can also be provided with the revolutionary Universal Folding Section that requires no change parts.

Easy operation is always a key feature of Sollas machines. The Sollas SX is provided with a PLC and a highly intuitive touch-screen display. PLC and display can be from Siemens or Rockwell Automation.

All Sollas machines can be equipped with a variety of infeed and outfeed systems (feeders, collators, turning, tilting). Integration is also possible with upstream and/or downstream equipment e.g. for case-packing, cartoning, stacking, banding and personalising.

Because of its straight forward design, maintenance of the Sollas SX, is extremely easy. As a rule, all spare parts are available from stock and can be shipped world wide at the first opportunity.